my boy

my boy
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fast Forward

I'd like to write something poignant or profound here, but really, time is just flying around here. If you look UP to see it flying around, make sure your mouth is closed.

Having company last month was wonderful. Eddie even asked for Grandma after we dropped her off at the airport. (see, time DOES really fly)

This month is nearly half-over and I haven't a clue how much time has been spent on what. (apparently, not only does time fly, it is 'spent' like cash)(and we all know how cash is like water) (I'm seeing an earthy element to all this...air, water...)

But anyhow, this isn't supposed to be MY journal, now is it. But really, It's All About You Eddie, I tell him often. So, anything directed here really IS about him. He's currently sitting on the floor, watching something on PBS, and therefore allowing me to hang out a load of clothes on the line, finish painting the small boards on the porch and check out my seedlings in the garden. And, of course, spend time here.

In less than an hour we must be dressed and ready to fly as we're going to town with Ms. Geraldine, the retired schoolteacher who runs the grocery across the street. (really, it's just a little country market with milk, bread, moonpies, and a bunch of stuff I can't eat. I mean, I CAN eat it, but when 25 grams of fat disappears in less than three bites, you can be absolutely sure it will RE-APPEAR on the hips. Or the belly. Or the thighs...sigh.) See, Ms. Geraldine bought a new car, so we'll drive up together for her to take delivery of her new car and I'll drive the old jalopy back. Just kidding. It's a Lincoln something-or-other, and a not so old model at that.

I'm sure time will fly then, also. When we get back, I'll consult my seventeen mile long 'to-do' list and probably accomplish at least one of the items. Like, let the goats out. After that, let the toddler chasing and time-flying at home, begin.

Even though the days fly by, there isn't anything better than watching time fly WITH my little boy. Maybe today we'll throw a kite out there to sail around with our friend Time.