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my boy
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Company coming!

This is going to be a busy month for company. Today Grandpa Lou arrives from NJ and because of his work schedule (yes, he's retired, but still works) he can only stay until Tuesday morning... (insert sad smiley face here) but we're so blessed he can come and visit often. Little Eddie LOVES his Grandpa Lou. MeMe Carol is traveling in Europe for a couple weeks but I'm sure she'll be back down with Grandpa Lou by summertime (Eddie's Birthday is June 21st) and as usual, we'll have a great time.

On April 18th, Grandma Marie comes to visit from Colorado and she'll stay until the 28th, we can't wait.

Meanwhile, Gregg, Kathy and Eric are going on a mini-spring-break-vacation and we'll have the company of their four Great Danes; Lacy, Sophia, Star and Holly. I think they will drop the dogs off on Monday and be back before the end of the week.

So it will be a month of visitor, and we LOVE having company. I'm looking forward to it, and although Eddie doesn't really grasp the concept of someone coming to visit, he does love it when we have company. Humans or dogs.

Just hoping we can hang on the potty training progress we've made. You know how an interruption in routine can wreak havoc on those kinds of things.....